My final products fall under the category of pop music. As this genre is typical of mainstream music, my primary audience would be those who not only listen but follow it. Pop in general is followed by many different groups and ages, but typically its biggest follower are from the age groups 14-21.



EDITNG PROCESS Having got all of the footage for my album promo video, I am currently putting all of the relevant clips together in time with the music. As you can from the screenshot above, I have completed the opening and key moments in the clip, which include the flashes of text giving information about the album. For example the text that shown in the short clip will be 'BRAND NEW ALBUM', '14 TRACKS', '14 VIDEOS' followed by the album title and release date 'VISUALS 10.10.16'. Although the clip itself is a montage of a over saturated VHS inspired clips, I wanted to keep it as simplistic as possible. Short clips merging into one another and tailored to the music.